Purple IVY is a consultancy with soul. We help companies integrate sustainability into their business. We bring structure to transformation, shaping a company culture built on trusted relationships and making a positive impact. We  encourage an entrepreneurial and daring spirit in one another.

Vision & soul.

Our business idea

Purple IVY’s business idea is to future-proof businesses and integrate sustainability across the company

Our vision

Purple IVY’s vision is to be a springboard to a thriving future; by helping transform business into positive impact

And what’s in our soul?

At Purple IVY, we dare go beyond the now, the me, the already tested. We create value by building genuine connections, celebrating differences and by having each other’s back. Together, we’re shaping the transformation business is calling for, sparking the energy needed to drive change and finding joy in the moment. Because for us, there’s no better way to make an impact than to do so together.

Our team.

Purple IVY is a team of dynamic sustainability professionals based in Stockholm, but with associates in Spain and Vietnam.

Christina Ameln


Lennart Bjurström


Rowan Drury


Niklas Lange


Sergio López Ramos


Eva Normell


Rebecca Oliver


Astrid von Schmeling


What’s in our name

As the color of good judgment, imagination and inclusiveness, purple conveys energy and balance, and the courage to remove obstacles in your path: the ingredients of sustainability leadership.

Innovative culture, Visionary business and Your role in changing times. Three intertwined, essential branches that define your company’s future. Together, they make your organization strong.