A visual management system that inspires.

Roslagsvatten wanted to upgrade its management system to support the execution of its strategy and sustainability ambitions. The outcome: a way of working that helps every employee at Roslagsvatten work towards a shared ambition.


Roslagsvatten is a Stockholm-based public utility that provides some 130,000 people with safe and clean water. Their mission is to create sustainable and healthy social development. Protecting people, nature, and sensitive marine environments is core to delivering on that mission.

Northern and eastern parts of Stockholm are growing fast and basic infrastructure like water, sewage and waste management must keep pace with the size of its constituents.  For more info, visit roslagsvatten.se.

Case for action.

Roslagsvatten sought a management system that supports its visual management, used to deliver on its ambitions for sustainable growth, help all employees do things right and create value in everything it does.

The solution:

A structured way of working, adapted to Roslagsvatten’s company culture.

Its solution leveraged principles of visual management. A project team worked closely together through an agile project approach — setting the vision, planning every step and setting goals at each of them. It also aimed for good-enough results at every demo milestone to go into the next phase.

The project and the management system were visualized on Pulsboards. The project was regularly reviewed using the same approach as all projects and departments.


  1. A management system:
    – Where each process owner is responsible for his/her process.
    – That triggers curiosity on Roslagsvatten’s way of working and progress.
    – That reflects our brand.
  2. The system is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO auditors were positive to the approach.
  3. About 50% of old instructions were deleted because they were proven redundant.

Next steps.

Over time, Roslagsvatten will consider adding ISO standards such as ISO 45001, occupational health and safety and ISO 27001, information security management and ISO 55000, for managing assets.

The system is flexible and will evolve by continuing to Puls together with process managers. This will promote its aims for continuous improvement and for supporting one another in sharing ideas and best practice, aligned with Roslagsvatten’s strategy and ambitions.